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Kilkenny city as the Capital of Ireland

Did you know, years and years ago, Kilkenny city was once the Capital of Ireland. The Confederation of Kilkenny, also known as the Irish Catholic Federation was created to govern Ireland. The organisation created a green flag with a harp which are known as symbols of Ireland all over the world. It wasn’t the first time the harp was used on the flag, it was the first time they used the colour green.


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How to Spend a Weekend in Kilkenny city

Short weekend trips are slowly becoming one of the trendiest ways to travel. In today’s hectic world, perhaps this is the only respite that some people get amidst busy lifestyles. Luckily, Kilkenny City is one such place. A perfect weekend getaway destination for all weekend warriors. This picturesque city in southeast Ireland is known for its medieval architecture and quaint atmosphere. It is a short hour and a half drive away from the capital Dublin and can also be reached via train. The city itself is a cosmopolitan area where the old meets the modern where one can find the best Vacation rentals in Kilkenny. Read on to know some of the best things to do in this charming medieval town.


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