How to Throw a Paintball Stag Do Your Friends Will Never Forget

Stag dos are a rite of passage for every groom-to-be. They give the groom the opportunity to unleash his
inner wildling, bond with his closest mates, and celebrate the final moments of singledom before
marrying the love of his life.
But without a special twist, these events can get boring, and as the best man or designated organiser,
that’s the last thing you want.
That’s where paintball comes in. Instead of opting for the traditional bar-hopping, get the groom and all
his friends together for an epic gun-toting, paint-splattering battle in the Southeast of Ireland.

Why Paintball Is Perfect For A Stag Do

Paintballing is one of the most exhilarating and team-building recreational activities out there. It’s a
bonding experience, it gets everyone talking, and it’s almost impossible not to have fun playing. It’s also
highly conducive to stag-do debauchery, and there are lots of ways to customise it to suit the stag’s
party preferences. Plus, you get to learn an awesome new skill!

7 Tips For Throwing A Legendary Paintball Stag Do

Planning a stag do takes time, effort, and careful planning. Making sure you have the ultimate amount of
fun while still being responsible is key. If you’re interested in having a stag do at a paintball range, these
tips will ensure your event is a raging success:

1. Consider who you’d like to invite

Anyone can play paintball – but some personalities are more suited to it than others. Choose the friends
you know will be down to have a good time, get a little muddy, and play a fair game while still being
responsible and a good sport.
People who get overly aggressive or don’t cope well with pain might find paintballing a bit too intense.
That said, if you have a mate who can get a bit hot-headed (or not hot-headed enough), just make sure
they understand the rules of the game well before you hit the fields.

2. Book transport in advance

When it comes to any big outing with friends, it’s a good idea to organise transport in advance so that
you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride to and from your destination. Especially if there is alcohol

This transfers all driving responsibility to a professional (or a designated driver) so that your group can
focus on having fun and going a bit crazy.

3. Pay close attention to the safety guidelines

Despite what it may look like at times, paintball is actually a relatively safe sport compared to almost all
others. In fact, a study showed that paintball is even safer than bowling! But that doesn’t mean you
can’t get hurt—or that you shouldn’t listen when instructors show you how to shoot safely.
When you play at Paintball Kilkenny, the marshals will give you a thorough breakdown of what’s allowed
and what’s not during your paintball session and pointers about how to shoot as accurately as possible.
Listen up!

4. Arrange plenty of food and drinks

Whether you’re playing to capture the flag or assassinate the president, paintballing is hungry work. This
means that good food and drink are crucial for a successful stag do. Make sure you bring along plenty of
manly rations for you and your crew to enjoy so that energy levels remain high and everyone feels
fueled up for what will probably be a hectic night ahead.
The type of food and snacks you arrange totally depends on the stag in question, but we recommend
high-protein favourites like pizza, burgers, and kebabs. As for drinks, classics like beer will always go
down well – just make sure there’s water available for ample hydration throughout the day too.

5. Save the alcohol for after paintballing

Stag dos are often booze-focused, and as long as you’re responsible, there’s nothing wrong with that!
However, we recommend pausing the drinking until after your paintball session to prevent injuries and
potentially risky behaviour.
Drunkenness and paintballing sound great, but if you’re not careful, they can lead to some hazardous
situations. Besides, waiting until after the session to crack open your first beer of the day will make it
taste all the sweeter. Once the guns are gone, you can let loose, enjoy a few drinking games, and
celebrate the wins (and losses) on the field.

6. Get a costume for the stag

Many stag dos involve the man of the hour wearing a ridiculous outfit of some kind – why shouldn’t
yours? Embarrassing the stag is one of the most fun ways to commemorate the occasion and ensure
that no one ever forgets the memory of paintballing before your big day!

When it comes to stag do costumes, there are lots of options. You can pick something that’s trending, an
outfit that ties in with the groom’s personality, or opt for perennially popular choices like a jailbird
jumpsuit with a ball and chain, a mankini (not paintball appropriate unless covered up with something
more substantial!), or superhero costume. If you’re not set on one particular outfit, a selection of funny
accessories can also do the trick.

7. Assign a defacto photographer

Capturing the memory of this crazy, special day will give everyone something to look back on as time
goes on. When you’re old and grey, you may want to look at some photos of yourself and your best
mates looking like absolute fools on the paintball field.
It can be difficult to remember to take photos spontaneously, so consider asking one of your group to
take on the role of stag do photographer so that every moment is captured in all its glory. Just make
sure the device you use is protected from the line of fire.

Done right, a stag do is a party that no one ever forgets. Adding an extreme adventure activity like
paintballing is a fun and memorable way to celebrate the end of the groom’s years as a single man and
to send him off in style.

Use these tips as a guide for throwing the ultimate paintball stag do complete with all the bits to make it
one for the books.

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