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School Tours Kilkenny at the Kilkenny Activity Centre are designed to make memories. Ranging from 1 hour to all day packages, the students will build on teamwork, communication and problem solving and therefore develop skills for the future. Our tours are filled with physical activity and fun ensuring the groups go home with warm and happy smiles on their faces. Choose from Splatball, Paintball, Bubble Soccer, Assault Course, Sports Day and more. We have options for all sizes of groups so just send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Brilliant Outdoor Fun!

The prices below are based on ages 16 and under but we also cater for older groups. So for the best school tours in Ireland and the best fun in Kilkenny, you know where to come! We even offer a tour of Kilkenny City if you're interested in our Treasure Trail while an adventurous and action packed school tour can be also found here in the Kilkenny Activity Centre.....we cater for Primary school tours, secondary school tours and college outings! And of course, everything and everyone is insured and Garda Vetted!

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Primary & Secondary School Trips


Any single juvenile activity Budget School Tour €22.50 per child

Pick any one of our activities for kids. Choose from Splatball, Bubble Football, Assault Course, Foot Darts, Cube Games, Sports Day and many more packages besides!

Two activity package School Tour Kilkenny Favourite €27.50 per child

Bubble Soccer + Assault Course or Splatball + Assault Course for the best school tour Kilkenny style.

Three activity school outing Extended School Tour €32.50 per child

Choose from Splatball, Bubble Football and Assault Course. This lasts roughly 2.5-3 hours and has proved to be a great full day out for any group tour.

Student Paintball (14 - 16 yrs) Extreme School Touir €27.5 per person

We offer 250 paintballs each therefore you can freely battle it out as you capture the flag or protect the president. You will be sure to get a good few shots in at each other before the end of the session and in addition a few shots at the teachers as well!

A two activity package of Paintball + Assault Course Competetive School Tour €32.50 per person

Ideal for the more active school tour Kilkenny style and moreover, the muddiest!.

A two activity package of Paintball + Bubble Soccer Challenging School Tour €35 per person

Test your stamina on this school tour that offers our two most physical challenging activities in addition to the most fun combo.

Activities, Accommodation & Meals School Tour & Accommodation Packages POA

For full accommodation packages to include meals, activities and much more besides try