This page contains the rules of the activities offered at the Kilkenny Activity Centre plus the respective waivers. Please ensure you carefully read the rules of your chosen activity plus all associated waivers. Also please understand that any payment made to secure an activity package with the Kilkenny Activity Centre, be it a deposit or final balance, confirms that you have not just read the aforementioned rules and waivers but that you have also shared them with each member of the group.(Or parent/guardian if said member is under 18 yrs of age). Any payment to Kilkenny Activity Centre also confirms that each member or parent/guardian has acknowledged to you (as the group organiser) that they have read, clearly understand, and agreed to both the game’s rules and applicable waivers.


Kilkenny Activity Centre GAME RULES:


Paintball & Splatball Rules

1) Participants must wear a mask at all times. Removal or raising of masks at any time during a paintball game is prohibited.
2) No up-close shooting of an opponent. Minimum shooting distance is 20ft
3) No firing of guns between games or without permission
4) Obey the instructor at all times.
5) Abide by the whistle at all times.
6) Move carefully as the ground can be uneven and contain trip or sliding hazards.
7) Do not use the gun in any way apart from its intended use and as directed by the instructor.
8) No shooting at the safe zone.
9) No shooting at the instructors.
10) No sliding into cover or bases.
11) Wear appropriate footwear and take due care at all times.

Bubble Soccer Rules

1) No tackling your own team-mates
2) No tackling off the ball. If the ball is not within close proximity of a player you cannot tackle that player.
3) No tackling near field boundaries.
4) No Jumping at opponents.
5) No spear-tackling. (Tackling when a player is on the ground)
6) The participant must ensure that the Bubble Ball harness is secure at all times. If it loosens he/she must inform an instructor immediately.
7) Hold on to the Bubble Ball handles securely at all times.
8) No diving at opponents.
9) Obey the instructor at all times.
10) Abide by the whistle at all times.
11) Wear appropriate footwear and take due care at all times.
12) Bubble Soccer is a five-a-side game with substitutes interchanging at regular intervals.


Assault Course / Outdoor Cube / Old School Sports Day Rules

1) Obey the instructor at all times.
2) Abide by the whistle at all times.
3) Teamwork is mandatory with participants assisting each other at all times.
4) Move carefully and take due care as the activities may include running, climbing, crawling and/or jumping.
5) If you consider an obstacle unsuitable or beyond your abilities do not attempt  to complete it
6) Obstacles must be completed as designed and as directed by instructors. No jumping off of obstacles unless directed by the instructor to do so.
7) No horse-play
8) No jumping into water obstacles/trenches.
9) All equipment provided must be used as designed and as outlined by the instructor.
10) Wear appropriate footwear and take due care at all times.
11) If you take part in the water slide, please be aware that it is required you propel yourself from the top of the slide but if requested by you the instructor may gently assist. The very nature of a slide means you may not be in full control of your descent and therefore injury may occur.

Treasure Trail

The treasure trail is held in the city centre which is a widely used public area. Therefore the Kilkenny Activity Centre cannot be held responsible for inherent dangers provided by the surfaces, surroundings, safety implementations, obstacles, or road traffic that frequent the area. Furthermore, we cannot be held liable for any incidents, injury, loss, damage, action, cost or expenses which may arise from participating in this event/activity.

Notes Prior to Arriving at the Kilkenny Activity Centre

We can only offer activities to children aged 8 and up.

All bookings require a non-refundable deposit to secure the slot. In addition, the full non-refundable payment for final numbers must be made 7 days in advance of the booking. Cancellations cannot be accepted after this deadline. If your group or individuals in your group fail to attend their allotted booking slot (at least 15 minutes prior to start time) you/they automatically forfeit any and all payments made on the absentee’s behalf.

Upon arrival at the centre all groups will be asked to sign in individually (children under 16 must be signed in by an adult).

We must be advised in advance of any pre-existing medical conditions, lack of necessary fitness (including inability to perform physical exercise due to weight issues), or injuries that may impact your ability to participate in your chosen activity.

Please be aware that any and all posts, photos and videos shared on this website or our representative social media are for marketing purposes only. They do not in any way demonstrate the game rules or how our activities should be run. Please adhere to the terms and conditions as set out on this page..

Ensure that you listen to and abide by instructors rules and guidelines at all times throughout your activity/ies.

Please be aware that any student who has or requires an SNA supervisor in class must have an SNA supervisor throughout activities at the Kilkenny Activity Centre in order to ensure the safety of those taking part.

In the event that full payment is not received prior to the activity date, we reserve the right to cancel the activity without liability or refund of any payment made.

Alcohol is not allowed on the premises. Should any member of your group have or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol upon arrival at the centre they will be asked to leave and will forfeit their payment.

Depending on your numbers and the availability of slots on any given day there is a possibility your group will be joined in with another. We will endeavour to join with a group of similar age.

The extra paintballs we supply are complimentary and on a strict per-person basis. If members of your group fail to arrive, their extra paintball allocation is null and void and can not be carried over to other persons.

Please note, we require payment for a minimum of 12 participants for all adult activities.

If you suspect you have incurred an injury while participating in any of our activities (or during your visit to the Kilkenny Activity Centre) you must immediately report it to a staff member and then complete an incident report giving full details of how the injury ocurred. Failure to complete the above-mentioned incident report confirms you experienced no adverse physical trauma while at our centre and invalidates any later claim an injury occurred.