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Outdoor Kilkenny Summer Camp

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We haven't guaranteed to be running the camp. We need enquiries to know that we have the numbers. So just get in touch and we can let you know times, and availability


The Benefits

Having an outdoor Summer Camp is great, because it allows the kids to get into the fresh air when the weather is good and allows them to try out all of our activities in Kilkenny.

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Want to Sign up your kids?
Want to Sign up your kids?
Want to Sign up your kids?

The New KAC

So you’ve noticed that we have a brand new website. It’s newly styled with some brand new features, an updated booking system and a revised look, to make you life easier when finding information about and enquiring with us in the home of Outdoor Activities in the South-East. Want to see some of our select new features and best bits? Have a look below.

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Splatball V Paintball

Everyone knows about Paintball and the fun that can be had playing it. But not as many people know about Splatball, a very similar game but with a few important differences. Playing by children and adults alike, a very popular game played by families in particular but also hen parties who don’t want to be too bruised by the time the night comes around.

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