So you’ve noticed that we have a brand new website. It’s newly styled with some brand new features, an updated booking system and a revised look, to make your life easier when finding information about and enquiring with us in the home of Outdoor Activities in the South-East. Want to see some of our select new features and best bits? Have a look below.

The Idea

We wanted to make a website that was simple to navigate and understand. Something that made it clearer what we offer and who we offer it to. This then led us to this answer where we allow our customers to get a unique view of each activity, different options for different group types and ultimately book quickly and easily.


With 9 different activities and more on the way, we wanted to have it easily accessible (you can have a look here), and simple to understand with prices and details of each activities. It couldn’t be easier to do and to book.

Group Types

We understand that there are so many different types of groups that could be looking for packages here in the Kilkenny Activity Centre. So we have made personalised package ideas which include a few activities and also food if necessary, whether it’s for kids or adults. If none of these package suit though, please do get in touch and we will create something just for you!


We also know what it’s like to visit a new destination like Kilkenny or how scary it can be to do something brand new like Splatball, especially for kids. So that’s why we made a blog to keep you updated on our newest bits of information and some useful tips and tricks for your next day out!


And the main point… Bookings are simple. Simply enquire on our online form (have a look here), we then take your enquiry, fit it in to our schedule and voila, you are booked for Paintball on the 12th of May! We need so much information though so that we don’t have to constantly get in touch over ages, numbers and so on. Makes our and your life easier.

Other Bits

So we have some other very useful bits and pieces on our website to help you plan for your next day out. Starting off, we have a weather widget that tells you the weather we expect for the next 3 days. We also have a link to Kilkenny Concierge if you are planning on staying in Kilkenny but don’t have accommodation sorted. In addition to much much more is our live interactive map on our website so that you can find where we are in the most simple way possible.


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