Ever think of doing some outdoor activities in the Winter months of November, December and January? Yes it’s cold, yes it’s mucky and yes it’s raining, but it’s the great outdoors! Playing paintball in the mist, running through the assault course in the muck, it really doesn’t get much better than this. We are our quietest in the Wintertime as you could expect but that only leaves opportunity for some groups to have a go who wouldn’t get a chance in the Summer.

The Price

In Winter, we have more special offers and discounts for large groups, so getting to try some of our activities that you haven’t tried before, like our cube games, assault course, giant darts, or old school sports day. You can get to try it all during these Winter months no matter what the weather is like!

The Weather

One could argue, the best time to get outside is in the cold months. Working up a sweat and keeping the heart rate up is good for you, and there isn’t a more fun way of doing it than paintball or bubble football. Try out one of our exhilarating activities in the bad weather and make the most of it!

Indoor Activities

If you really don’t want to get down and dirty, the our indoor cube games options is for you! With just as much fun as paintball you can enjoy the indoor heat with a modern cabin designated for just your group to play the great cube games in style and coziness. What’s more? It’s set on the grounds of a bar, so you can drink!

Play in the Dark

As we know, the nights get longer in the Christmas months, as depressing as that is let’s make the most of it! Playing Bubble Football or Paintball in the dark unleashes a whole new beast. Shooting your way blinded in the dark, scared and running for you life. It won’t get much more fun!


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