Everybody knows what Paintball is and how fun one can have playing it with family or friends. Splatball on the other hand is less known by the general public. Splatball essentially is the very same as Paintball but there are a few differences. Playing by children and adults alike, a very popular game played by families in particular but also hen parties who don’t want to be too bruised by the time the night comes around.

Splatball V Paintball, Kilkenny Activity CentreSplatball is less impactful, less velocity and less painful than paintball. With paintball guns potentially reaching 300km/h speed whereas a splatball spring loaded gun can only reach half of that. Thus this leads to less range and less impact when shooting in comparison to a gas powered paintball gun.

Splatball V Paintball, Kilkenny Activity Centre

The games themselves (i.e. Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, or otherwise) are all the same and can be played with the same amount of fun and running. At the Kilkenny Activity Centre you will get complete overalls in paintball but in splatball you will typically just wear tracksuit and older clothes that you may own. Just make sure to bring a change of clothes. The paint in splatball will wash out but you are still given a mask to block any paint getting in around your face, also make sure that there is not any exposed skin as the paint can be potentially irritating to the skin of those who may have particular allergies. Nonetheless, splatball is definitely a safer and more kid-friendly version of paintball, especially since paintball can only be played by those of age 16 and over.

Splatball V Paintball, Kilkenny Activity Centre

Splatball is an activity designed to get the whole family involved. From ages 8 and up can take part in this activity. Kids are often running around and are much more competitive than even the adults and our instructors ensure that everyone who is playing is safe and having fun!

Book either splatball or paintball here with us by simply clicking here and putting in your information and details of when you would like to book!Splatball V Paintball, Kilkenny Activity Centre

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