Looking for some top-notch hotels in Kilkenny? In this post, we’re going to reveal. We work with lots of hotels through our sister company Kilkenny Concierge, where we make complete group packages during their stay in Kilkenny.

We’ve more or less dealt with every hotel in Kilkenny city and have developed working relationships with many of these spots. As a result of this, we get amazing hotel deals. You’ve stopped at the right place if you are looking for some hotels or motels in Kilkenny. If you are doing a last-minute job, don’t worry, we got you covered!

Springhill Court Hotel

The Springhill Court Hotel is a fabulous three-star hotel based just three minutes from the city centre. The hotel offers larger conference rooms, restaurants, and a fabulous leisure centre. They also just released that they have plans to bring its 85 rooms up to 130 rooms, even more room for big groups. Oh, and it has free parking on site! One of the top hidden hotels in Kilkenny, and amazing value for money.

Hotel Kilkenny

Hotel Kilkenny is a gorgeous four-star hotel just five minutes from the centre of Kilkenny. It’s one of the best hotels in Kilkenny. It is a perfect base to explore the city from. With a leisure centre included for all guests and outstanding rooms, it can be the best place in Kilkenny city to relax. Find luxury hotels in Kilkenny, starting here. Luxury hotels Kilkenny or boutique hotels, we have you covered.

Hibernian Hotel

The Hibernian Hotel is a beautiful 4 star hotel located in the heart of Kilkenny city. This luxurious hotel stands out because of its quality and prime location. Included in the hotel is a great bar and restaurant. If you want to be in the city centre and stay in true luxury, then the Hibernian Hotel is a perfect option. One of the top choices for hotels in the city centre.

Lyrath Estate

The Lyrath Estate Hotel is best suited to those who adore luxury. This hotel is a gorgeous five star hotel situated ten minutes from Kilkenny city. The hotel has beautiful acres of ground to explore in and an amazing spa to get pampered in. The hotel gives off an extremely calming and tranquil atmosphere. A perfect option for those looking for a top end stay in a high end Kilkenny hotel. One of the best Kilkenny hotels.

Our Recommended Kilkenny Hotels, Kilkenny Activity Centre
Our Recommended Kilkenny Hotels, Kilkenny Activity Centre
Our Recommended Kilkenny Hotels, Kilkenny Activity Centre
Our Recommended Kilkenny Hotels, Kilkenny Activity Centre
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