Travelling to Kilkenny this weekend and stuck for some ideas on what to do? Along with the 9 different activities that we currently offer, we also recommend lots of different options that might be down your street.


We have connections with various activity providers in Kilkenny and lots of other activities that are free of charge. If you are unable to book or you are struggling to find something to do in Kilkenny, simply get in touch with us and we will handle the rest. We know all about activities in Kilkenny! Keep on reading to find out what Kilkenny has to offer activities wise.

Kilkenny Activity Centre

Obviously, we have to plug ourselves as the best location for activities in Kilkenny! And this is every day, not just at weekends. We have lots of amazing reviews on Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor to prove it! Of course, there will be bad ones too, but we promise only a few. We respond to both good and bad reviews!

Kilkenny Castle

The beautiful and uniquely preserved Kilkenny Castle is the first thing tourists visit when they visit the marble city. Visiting the castle is one for the books! Stroll around the gorgeous rose gardens, and take in the beautiful scenes across the famous castle grounds.

Dunmore Cave

Dunmore Cave is a short car journey from the city, but most certainly worth the trip. The incredible naturally occurring geological structure is something everyone should see at least once. A tour guide brings you down to the cave and runs through everything from the geographical side to the more historical side. It’s a grounding experience, to say the least.

Kiltorcan Raceway

Kiltorcan raceway is about a twenty-minute car ride from Kilkenny city, but again it’s 100% worth the trip. Kilcorcan is one of the best karting options in Ireland. It’s also the closest race track to Kilkenny city. If you are into karting, you’ll have to go and give this activity a go!

St. Canice’s Cathedral and Round Tower

St. Canice’s Cathedral and Round Tower is another famous tourist spot in Kilkenny. The views from the tower are spectacular. At the top of the tower, you can view the complete city. It’s breathtaking. Just a reminder, if you are afraid of heights, this might not be for you. We suggest you bring a coat as it can get very cold at the top.

Castlecomer Discovery Park

The Castlecomer Discovery Park is a not-for-profit initiative based about a 20-25 minute drive outside of Kilkenny city. It features more extreme sports like zip-lining, wall-climbing and tree-walking to name a few. If you’re not into the more active activities, they also have beautiful trail walks, craft shops and a café where you can relax and unwind.


Things to do in Kilkenny, Kilkenny Activity Centre
Things to do in Kilkenny, Kilkenny Activity Centre
Things to do in Kilkenny, Kilkenny Activity Centre
Things to do in Kilkenny, Kilkenny Activity Centre
Things to do in Kilkenny, Kilkenny Activity Centre
Things to do in Kilkenny, Kilkenny Activity Centre


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