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Cube Games Kilkenny


Indoor Cube Games

€22.50 for kids | €25.00 for teenagers
€30 for adults

Outdoor Option

€22.50 for kids | €25.00 for teenagers
€30 for adults

Cube Game Kilkenny Packages

Youth Cube Games & Bubble Football Package
Ideal for youth clubs, scout groups, birthday parties and school tours. Popular for team building in Kilkenny too.

Youth Cube Games & Bubble Football Package

Brillaint activity for all group types in Kilkenny

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Kilkenny Cube Games & Paintball Package
Ideal for stag parties, hen parties, birthday parties and team building.

Kilkenny Cube Games & Paintball Package

As part of our two activity packages, we can also arrange complimentary finger food for afterward in a city-centre bar....ideal for hen parties and stag parties on the town. Popular for team building too. (To avail of the finger food the group must arrive 15 minutes before the arranged time and must each purchase a drink).

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Important Rules

Multiple Games

A range of different mini-games to take part in that the whole group can enjoy...be they stag parties, hen parties, birthday parties, team building or school tours....Kilkenny Activity Centre has it all!

Qualified Instructors

Kilkenny Activity Centre's qualified and experienced instructors really make our activity centre a success, they encourage teamwork, excitement and enjoyment.

How Long Does it Last?

This group activity will last for approximately 1 hr.


Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs must inform the instructor immediately as intoxicated individuals are not permitted to take part. If rules are not being adhered to by an individual or group, then Kilkenny Activity Centre reserves the right to cancel the activity at any time and the groups or individuals involved will forfeit all rights to a refund or money paid.

For full accommodation packages to include Paintball Kilkenny try www.kilkennyconcierge.ie
FOR nationwide stag party and hen party packages visit www.stagfree.ie or www.henfree.ie

What to Bring?

A smile....

a sense of fun

And a competitive spirit