Hen Parties

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Stuck for ideas on your Kilkenny hen party? We really have you covered with a range of outdoor and even some indoor options for our groups! We are famous for our Hen Parties! With more activity options that you can count with Paintball or a nice relaxing Treasure Trail in the city. There will certainly be something for you to do! Have a look at some of our options below for your Hen Party Activity! Enjoy your time who whp is known as the best hen party activity provider in Kilkenny!

Kilkenny hen parties would be incomplete without a visit to the Kilkenny Activity Centre for the very best hen ideas and activities. So, if you're looking for ideas for hen parties or hen party activities in Kilkenny then you've certainly come to the right place. The home of the best hen activities in Ireland's most popular hen party destination.

Don't miss out on the Cat's Laughs festival either! Or even have a themed hen party. The ideal hen party activities for any hen party group for a daytime activity or nighttime activity, ideal ofr ages and experience.

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Splatball Most Popular €28 per person

Splatball, the lighter version of Paintball. It's the same concept but without the need for overalls and basically no pain!

Bubble Football Alternative €28 per person

Have fun with something a little different with bubble football! We are the only providers around of this famous activity. With a great time spent bouncing around in giant inflatables, nothing could be better for a hen!

Assault Course €28 per person

Get in the muck and mud with a race around the obstacle course, utilising teamwork and individualism to ensure that the ice is well and truly broken for the night at hand!

Paintball Extreme €28 per person

With 200 paintballs free each, you will be sure to get a good few shots in at each other before the end of the session! Have fun exploring the different games in which you can inflict pain! A great activity for the tougher hens!

Treasure Trail Explore Kilkenny €28 per person

Enjoy a personalised Treasure Trail with a surprise at the end of the hunt. Get a map and questions that are made for your group and have a great time seeing the sights and enjoying the jokes that are made personalised for you!

Any 2 Activities Package Deal €45 per person

Mix and match any 2 of our activities for double the fun! With options including Paintball, Splatball, Assault Course, Bubble Football, Cube Games, Foot Darts and more, you will be sure to have loads of enjoyment!