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Hen and Stag Party Organisers

Bogged down trying to plan a hen or stag party? Have you unfortunately been the chosen one? Look, don’t panic! We know it can be a stressful experience if it’s your first time planning one. We can’t recommend enough getting in touch with Ireland’s best events agency, HenFree, and StagFree. Let the professionals do the job!

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School Tour Ideas

Did you know, at Kilkenny Activity Centre, we offer school tours? Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, our summer school tours are more likely off the cards!

In case you didn’t know, we cater for school tours at Kilkenny Activity Centre. Sadly, due to Covid-19, our summer school tours are off the cards! Next year, our summertime school tours will be better than ever!

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Kilkenny Activity Centre home page

The New KAC

Have you noticed that we got a brand new spanking website? That’s right, our website got a makeover! It’s newly styled with some brand new features, how exciting! We’ve also updated the booking system and gone for a more revised look. All to make life a little bit easier for you when you’re searching for information and enquiring about Outdoor Activities in the South-East. Want to see some of our select new features and best bits? Have a look below.

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The History of Paintball

Have you ever played paintball before? If so, you’ll know exactly how enjoyable the extreme sport is. Paintball is a relatively quite recent addition in terms of outdoor activities. It’s fun, exciting, and competitive. Perfect for a range of ages and occasions. Birthday celebrations, Hen & Stag parties, corporate team-building, or just something to do with your friends and family on a Saturday afternoon. But just who’s idea was it?

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Splatball V Paintball

Everybody knows what Paintball is and how fun one can have playing it with family or friends. Splatball on the other hand is less known by the general public. Splatball essentially is the very same as Paintball but there are a few differences. Playing by children and adults alike, a very popular game played by families in particular but also hen parties who don’t want to be too bruised by the time the night comes around.

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