Terms & Conditions
  • All bookings require a non refundable deposit to secure the slot. If your group doesn’t turn up for their booking they automatically lose their deposit.
  • Upon arrival at the centre all groups will be asked to sign in individually (children under 16 must be signed in by an adult).
  • We must be advised in advance of any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries which may impact your ability to play.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on the premises. Should any member of your group be under the influence of drugs or alcohol upon arrival at the centre they will be asked to leave and will forfeit their payment.
  • Depending on your numbers and the availability of slots on any given day there is a possibility your group will be joined in with another. We will endeavour to join with a group of similar age.
  • Splatball for Kids
  • Splatball for Adults
  • Paintball
  • Bubble Soccer