Sports Teams- Youths & Adults Teams

Sports Teams come to the Kilkenny Activity Centre to build on their skills and abilities in their sports and fitness. We support the great work of these clubs with special offers for those based in Kilkenny! With options for all groups available, with however many activities they desire, and food if needed.

Experienced and Enthusiastic Instructors

Teamwork, Communication, Fitness



Youth Splatball, Assault Course & Food Package Special Offer for 2019 €20 per youth

Enjoy the most popular kids activities in the Kilkenny Activity Centre in one simple package and finger food is included for a 2 and half hour outing out that builds teamwork and ensures that everyone has fun! Mention SPLAT5 to avail of this! Only for ages 16 and under!

Splatball & Assault Course Adults €45 per adult

Enjoy our 2 most popular activities or change out Splatball for Paintball if needed!

Any 3 Activities Youths €27.50 per youth

Make your own 3 activity package with any of our activities. Choose from Splatball, Bubble Football, Assault Course, Foot Darts, Cube Games or Sports Day! This lasts roughly 2.5-3 hours.

Bubble Soccer & Assault Course Adults €45 per adult

Enjoy the phenomenon that is Bubble Soccer during your clubs visit to the Kilkenny Activity Centre, along with our famous assault course, a great day out!

All Day Package Youths €40 per youth

Play everything we have! Splatball, Assault Course, Bubble Football, Foot Darts, Cube Games, and Sports Day! You get food included too!