Bubble Soccer
Body Bowling
Giant Darts Combo


Bubble Soccer

Body Bowling & Giant Darts Combo

Now introducing the brilliant game of “Body Bowling”. While in a bubble, participants are rolled towards a set of inflatable pins to see who can knock the most. Just like regular bowling except you are the ball!!……….. Let me hear you shout ‘STRIKE’!


As part of this introductory package we are also offering Footdarts.

Forget Footgolf……… Footdarts is the latest craze for family days out in Kilkenny.


Armed with just your football skills step up to the oche and see which of your group can get the highest score in “301”, “Around the Clock” or “Shangai”. If you want to get more competitive play team vs team in a game of Chase the Ace or Cricket!


Seeing as we are in Kilkenny you also get the chance to test your hurling/camogie skills in a game of Hurling Darts or perhaps step into the shoes of Catniss Everdeen in a game of Archery Darts.

In these games velcro covered arrows and balls are fired at a giant velcro dart board and if they stick you score. Just like ordinary darts you have three attempts to amass as high a score as possible! However we have added some little twist like shooting on the run to make it that little bit more difficult ……


So book now to try our new super fun combo that all age groups can enjoy!


Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is the latest craze to hit Ireland’s activities industry and you can play it now in the heart of Kilkenny at the Kilkenny Activity Centre. Just like regular soccer this is a team game played on a football pitch with the object of the game to score more goals than the opposing team. That however is where the similarities end because in this game the participants are protected by a big, inflatable bubble which covers them from head to waist with only their legs free to move meaning any efforts to actually play soccer bring hilarious results. It is ideal for birthday parties and school tours as well as family days out.


So take part or just watch as players crash into and knock each other over like human bumper cars while trying to show off their football skills. Players can do backflips, dives, rollies or crash right into each other while the bubble takes all the impact. Anything goes really but watch out if you lose your balance or fall over as you might find yourself stranded upside down….. and no-one might hear you outside your bubble!

Party Packages

Complete stag and hen party packages can be arranged through our sister company Kilkenny Concierge.

During a Hen Party in Kilkenny Giant bowling pins knocked over by a girl in a bubble ball during Body bowling in Kilkenny.
A man kicking a ball during a game of Foot Darts with a large dart board in the foreground.
An extended family of adults and children pose for a photo with bubble balls during a bubble soccer match.
Bubble Soccer in Kilkenny

Body Bowling

In the body bowling 2 teams compete against each other in a game of outdoor bowling with players taking turns to get into a bubble ball with the aim of knocking the most amount of pins. Pins are numbered to make it even more challenging.

Giant Darts Combo

The giant darts consists of a large velcro dart board where players aim to hit the highest score in a game of Foot Darts, Archery Darts or Hurling Darts. Using a football, a bow & arrow or a hurl & ball they can play 301, Around the Clock or Shanghai. If the ball or arrow stick then you are awarded the allotted score.

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is played as a five-a-side team game with any number of substitutes which interchange regularly meaning no one is left out. Each player is fitted into a bubble ball which covers them from head to waist with just their legs free. The bubble is inflated prior to the game so it absorbs the impact when other players bounce off you or crash into you during play.


Bubble soccer can be enjoyed by all ages and is an ideal activity for hen parties, stag parties, clubs, corporate team building or just any group that are out for a bit of fun. It is a “laugh out loud” game but bear in mind that bubble soccer is a physical sport and you must have a reasonable level of physical fitness to play.

Your group is divided into two teams with each member getting a blue or orange bubble and then one of our trained instructors referees the game while you try to outscore each other.

Like everything we do at the Kilkenny Activity Centre we are not artificial – we play on grass!

Everyone taking part in Body Bowling, Giant Darts Combo or Bubble soccer must first read the rules and safety guidelines. These are included in the waiver below. They must pay close attention to the instructor’s safety talk and guidance on how to properly use the equipment and must obey the rules at all times.They must also read and sign the on-site KAC waiver before taking part in the activities.  Horseplay of any type is not permitted.




Pricing - Bubble soccer


1 Hour Duration 

€17.50pp - minimum of 10

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Kids Party

1 Hour Duration

€20pp - Bubble, Assault + Food

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1 Hour Duration

€28pp - Minimum of 10 people

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2 – 2.5 Hour Duration 

€45pp - with Paintball, Giant Darts or Assault Course

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Thanks to all the crew at the Kilkenny Activity Centre for having us for a team building session. We did the Splatball and Assault Course and we laughed the whole way through. Been the talk of the office all day...... Thanks a mil, Eddie...

Noelle O' Sullivan

"Thanks to Eddie and Kilkenny Activity Centre for a fantastic night of challenges and team-building exercises. We had a brilliant time and we highly recommend it!"

Red Oak

Absolutely an amazing place for children, we had a blast. Never laughed as much, PJ was brilliant thank you for everything.


Had my 9 year old's birthday party (splatball & assault course) group of 10 boys and they absolutely loved it....Michael is already planning a return visit for his next birthday. I may even join in next time

Tina Tennyson

Thank u so much to Eddie who looked after us at the weekend for Michelle's hen party from wexford we all had a ball defo be bck to c u all again thanks

Geraldine Monaghan
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